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import Html exposing (text)
account = 2 / 0
main =
text (
(account + 1)
Symbol Symbol Name Meaning / definition Example
and and x ⋅ y
^ caret / circumflex and x ^ y
& ampersand and x & y
+ plus or x + y
reversed caret or x ∨ y
| vertical line or x | y
x' single quote not - negation x'
x bar not - negation x


  • Use Smart and Dumb Components (Know More)
  • Don't connect every component with the store which needs data from the store. Try to use pass data via props.
  • Take care in how you are storing the data in your store or else you will end up with a store with too many keys lying around, which simply becomes difficult to make sense.
  • Put things like different reducers, actions, selectors, etc in their own files for better separation of concerns.
  • Use solid redux libraries like redux-saga for async requests, redux-form for form handling, etc.