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Synchronous for loop in JavaScript to ensure that the n+1th item isn't processed until the callback of the nth item's processor has been called.
* Process an array of data synchronously.
* @param data An array of data.
* @param processData A function that processes an item of data.
* Signature: function(item, i, callback), where {@code item} is the i'th item,
* {@code i} is the loop index value and {@code calback} is the
* parameterless function to call on completion of processing an item.
function doSynchronousLoop(data, processData, done) {
if (data.length > 0) {
var loop = function(data, i, processData, done) {
processData(data[i], i, function() {
if (++i < data.length) {
loop(data, i, processData, done);
} else {
loop(data, 0, processData, done);
} else {

This was just a learning exercise for me and I posted it here for myself, but I made it public because there's no reason to hide it.


i love this <3


Very useful for me..! :-*

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