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Created January 14, 2016 11:30
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Peach Jolts
{"jolts": [{"Date": "1/6/2016", "Question": "Today I'm working on...", "Response": "Today I'm working on "}, {"Date": "1/6/2016", "Question": "Who's your favorite writer?", "Response": "My favorite writer is "}, {"Date": "1/6/2016", "Question": "What are you saving up for?", "Response": "I'm saving up for "}, {"Date": "1/7/2016", "Question": "Name a few of your favorite things.", "Response": "These are a few of my favorite things:"}, {"Date": "1/7/2016", "Question": "A screenshot of a text exchange. ", "Response": "A recent text exchange:"}, {"Date": "1/7/2016", "Question": "What's the best class you've ever taken?", "Response": "The best class I've ever taken was"}, {"Date": "1/8/2016", "Question": "What talent do you wish you had?", "Response": "I've always wanted to be talented at"}, {"Date": "1/8/2016", "Question": "What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?", "Response": "The weirdest thing I've eaten is "}, {"Date": "1/8/2016", "Question": "Paste whatever's in your clipboard right now.", "Response": "Pasting my clipboard here:"}, {"Date": "1/9/2016", "Question": "What's something you can't live without?", "Response": "I can't live without "}, {"Date": "1/9/2016", "Question": "What would a fortune cookie say about today?", "Response": "My fortune cookie today would say:"}, {"Date": "1/9/2016", "Question": "Recommend a movie to someone who hates movies. ", "Response": "A movie for people who hate movies: "}, {"Date": "1/10/2016", "Question": "What's in your shower?", "Response": "What's in my shower:"}, {"Date": "1/10/2016", "Question": "In the year 3000...", "Response": "In the year 3000,"}, {"Date": "1/10/2016", "Question": "What's your favorite tradition?", "Response": "My favorite tradition is "}, {"Date": "1/11/2016", "Question": "What would you love to win a lifetime supply of?", "Response": "I'd love to win a lifetime supply of"}, {"Date": "1/11/2016", "Question": "What's making you happy right now?", "Response": "What's making me happy right now:"}, {"Date": "1/11/2016", "Question": "What's your preferred workout? ", "Response": "My preferred workout is"}, {"Date": "1/12/2016", "Question": "Name one artist you love. ", "Response": "One artist I love:"}, {"Date": "1/12/2016", "Question": "What's your favorite smell?", "Response": "My favorite smell is "}, {"Date": "1/12/2016", "Question": "What's cliche about you?", "Response": "I'm a walking cliche of"}, {"Date": "1/13/2016", "Question": "I know I'm home when...", "Response": "I know I'm home when "}, {"Date": "1/13/2016", "Question": "Which words or phrases do you overuse?", "Response": "Some words I overuse: "}, {"Date": "1/13/2016", "Question": "What's the best present you've ever gotten?", "Response": "The best present I ever got was"}, {"Date": "1/14/2016", "Question": "A picture of you as a baby.", "Response": "Me as a baby:"}, {"Date": "1/14/2016", "Question": "What do you tend to lie about?", "Response": "I tend to lie about"}, {"Date": "1/14/2016", "Question": "What's the best thing about winter?", "Response": "The best thing about winter is "}, {"Date": "1/15/2016", "Question": "What's your favorite city?", "Response": "My favorite city is "}, {"Date": "1/15/2016", "Question": "What makes you uncomfortable?", "Response": "I feel uncomfortable when"}, {"Date": "1/15/2016", "Question": "What's your favorite kind of ice cream?", "Response": "My favorite kind of ice cream is"}, {"Date": "1/16/2016", "Question": "Draw a self portrait. ", "Response": "My self portrait:"}, {"Date": "1/16/2016", "Question": "What worries you?", "Response": "I worry about"}, {"Date": "1/16/2016", "Question": "What's your favorite cafe?", "Response": "My favorite cafe:"}, {"Date": "1/17/2016", "Question": "What's next up for you to watch?", "Response": "Next up for me to watch: "}, {"Date": "1/17/2016", "Question": "When life gives you lemons...", "Response": "When life gives you lemons, "}, {"Date": "1/17/2016", "Question": "What grosses you out?", "Response": "I'm grossed out by"}, {"Date": "1/18/2016", "Question": "Share your outfit today. ", "Response": "My outfit today:"}, {"Date": "1/18/2016", "Question": "Childhood is a time for...", "Response": "Childhood is a time for"}, {"Date": "1/18/2016", "Question": "Adulthood is a time for...", "Response": "Adulthood is a time for "}, {"Date": "1/19/2016", "Question": "Give yourself a compliment.", "Response": "A compliment for myself:"}, {"Date": "1/19/2016", "Question": "I probably spend too much time...", "Response": "I probably spend too much time "}, {"Date": "1/19/2016", "Question": "What's your nighttime ritual?", "Response": "My nighttime ritual:"}, {"Date": "1/20/2016", "Question": "Who are your heroes?", "Response": "My heroes:"}, {"Date": "1/20/2016", "Question": "When I'm nervous I...", "Response": "When I'm nervous I"}, {"Date": "1/20/2016", "Question": "What do you wish was real?", "Response": "I wish ______ was real. "}, {"Date": "1/21/2016", "Question": "When my stomach growls, it sounds like...", "Response": "When my stomach growls, it sounds like "}, {"Date": "1/21/2016", "Question": "What do you wish you didn't know?", "Response": "I wish I didn't know "}, {"Date": "1/21/2016", "Question": "What were you in a past life?", "Response": "In a past life I was "}, {"Date": "1/22/2016", "Question": "Describe yourself in six words.", "Response": "Me in six words:"}, {"Date": "1/22/2016", "Question": "What does your resting face look like?", "Response": "My resting face: "}, {"Date": "1/22/2016", "Question": "What's your rant today?", "Response": "My rant for today:"}, {"Date": "1/23/2016", "Question": "There's nothing better than fresh...", "Response": "There's nothing better than fresh "}, {"Date": "1/23/2016", "Question": "What's your favorite chore to do?", "Response": "My favorite chore is "}, {"Date": "1/23/2016", "Question": "How long does it take you to get ready?", "Response": "Getting ready takes me "}, {"Date": "1/24/2016", "Question": "What do you order at a diner?", "Response": "My order at a diner: "}, {"Date": "1/24/2016", "Question": "I could never be...", "Response": "I could never be "}, {"Date": "1/24/2016", "Question": "What are you careful about?", "Response": "I'm careful about "}, {"Date": "1/25/2016", "Question": "What's the last thing you drank?", "Response": "The last thing I drank was "}, {"Date": "1/25/2016", "Question": "What's the worst present you've ever gotten?", "Response": "The worst present I ever got was "}, {"Date": "1/25/2016", "Question": "What are you looking forward to?", "Response": "I'm looking forward to "}, {"Date": "1/26/2016", "Question": "Your best celebrity sightings. ", "Response": "My best celebrity sightings:"}, {"Date": "1/26/2016", "Question": "What do you sing at karaoke?", "Response": "My karaoke songs:"}, {"Date": "1/26/2016", "Question": "What are your nicknames?", "Response": "My nicknames:"}, {"Date": "1/27/2016", "Question": "How do you show someone you like them?", "Response": "I show someone I like them by "}, {"Date": "1/27/2016", "Question": "I try not to pay attention to...", "Response": "I try not to pay attention to"}, {"Date": "1/27/2016", "Question": "What should everyone sign up for?", "Response": "Everyone should sign up for "}, {"Date": "1/28/2016", "Question": "How do you pass time on flights?", "Response": "To pass time on flights I "}, {"Date": "1/28/2016", "Question": "What's your dream car?", "Response": "My dream car is "}, {"Date": "1/28/2016", "Question": "What book changed your life?", "Response": "This book changed my life: "}, {"Date": "1/29/2016", "Question": "In a past life...", "Response": "In a past life "}, {"Date": "1/29/2016", "Question": "I'm boycotting...", "Response": "I'm boycotting "}, {"Date": "1/29/2016", "Question": "When are you most comfortable?", "Response": "I'm most comfortable "}, {"Date": "1/30/2016", "Question": "What's the best sport to watch?", "Response": "The best sport to watch is"}, {"Date": "1/30/2016", "Question": "What would your warning label say?", "Response": "WARNING: "}, {"Date": "1/30/2016", "Question": "I'm never wrong about...", "Response": "I'm never wrong about"}, {"Date": "1/31/2016", "Question": "What's your trusted news source?", "Response": "My trusted news source is "}, {"Date": "1/31/2016", "Question": "What's in your sock drawer?", "Response": "My sock drawer has"}, {"Date": "1/31/2016", "Question": "What word in the dictionary can you find your photo next to?", "Response": "You can find my photo in the dictionary next to"}, {"Date": "2/1/2016", "Question": "What's something that should be taught in schools?", "Response": "Schools should teach "}, {"Date": "2/1/2016", "Question": "Which band, past or present, would you love to join?", "Response": "I would love to join "}, {"Date": "2/1/2016", "Question": "What was your favorite movie growing up?", "Response": "Growing up, I loved to watch "}, {"Date": "2/2/2016", "Question": "Who's the smartest person you know?", "Response": "The smartest person I know is "}, {"Date": "2/2/2016", "Question": "If you won the lottery today, what would you do?", "Response": "If I won the lottery today, I would "}, {"Date": "2/2/2016", "Question": "What's your favorite song to work out to?", "Response": "My favorite song to work out to is "}, {"Date": "2/3/2016", "Question": "What do you do to treat yourself?", "Response": "When I want to treat myself I "}, {"Date": "2/3/2016", "Question": "What's your desert island song?", "Response": "My deset island song is "}, {"Date": "2/4/2016", "Question": "What's the best birthday you've ever had?", "Response": "The best birthday I ever had was "}, {"Date": "2/4/2016", "Question": "What do you do when you're sick and need to get better?", "Response": "When I'm sick I "}, {"Date": "2/4/2016", "Question": "What do you wish you had invented?", "Response": "I wish I had invented"}, {"Date": "2/5/2016", "Question": "What are your weekend plans?", "Response": "My weekend plans:"}, {"Date": "2/5/2016", "Question": "What helps you fall asleep?", "Response": "I fall asleep by "}, {"Date": "2/5/2016", "Question": "I will never understand...", "Response": "I will never understand "}, {"Date": "2/6/2016", "Question": "What is cool?", "Response": "Cool is "}, {"Date": "2/6/2016", "Question": "What's the best cereal?", "Response": "The best cereal is "}, {"Date": "2/6/2016", "Question": "What do you carry your stuff around in?", "Response": "I carry my stuff in "}, {"Date": "2/7/2016", "Question": "What place do you wish was open 24/7?", "Response": "I wish I could go here 24/7:"}, {"Date": "2/7/2016", "Question": "What are you particular about?", "Response": "I'm particular about "}, {"Date": "2/7/2016", "Question": "I don't believe in...", "Response": "I don't believe in "}, {"Date": "2/8/2016", "Question": "What do you want to see/do in virtual reality?", "Response": "I want to _____ in virtual reality"}, {"Date": "2/8/2016", "Question": "What's your winter strategy?", "Response": "My winter strategy:"}, {"Date": "2/8/2016", "Question": "What do you want a trophy for?", "Response": "I want a trophy for "}, {"Date": "2/9/2016", "Question": "I wish they would bring back...", "Response": "I wish they would bring back"}, {"Date": "2/9/2016", "Question": "What's a thought you have but never say out loud?", "Response": "A thought I have but never say out loud: "}]}
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