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A Custom Lua module loader for Lua 5.2
-- This allows a more restricted module() style; the key feature
-- is that each module is loaded in a custom environment, and the actual module
-- table is a copy of that environment after initial load.
-- clone _G so that globals from the program don't invade the module
local lua_libs = {}
for k,v in pairs(package.loaded._G) do
lua_libs[k] = v
local function loader(name, modpath)
local env = {}
env.module = function (name)
env._NAME = name
return env
setmetatable(env, {
__index = lua_libs, -- resolve known globals
local fh = assert(, 'rb'))
local source = fh:read'*a'
local ret = assert(load(source, modpath, 'bt', env))(name)
if ret then return ret end -- explicit table was returned
local mod = {}
-- the module is a copy of the environment after initial loading
for k,v in pairs(env) do
mod[k] = v
return mod
-- replace Lua loader
package.searchers[2] = function (name)
local modpath, msg = package.searchpath(name, package.path)
if modpath then
return loader, modpath
return nil, msg
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matthiesenj commented Mar 10, 2020

I think you have a mistake; a searcher returns a string message as its sole return value when it doesn't find anything, so line 39 should be "return msg".


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