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Alternative simple implementation of classes for Moonscript. This version is compatible with Lua classes created by Moonlight and Penlight.
ctor = (C,...) ->
obj = setmetatable {}, C
init = rawget C, '_init'
if init
return obj
is_class = (C) ->
mt = getmetatable C
if mt and C._class -- this is a base class!
return C
klass = (C) ->
if is_class C
base = C
return (T) ->
T._base = base
klass T
C.__index = C
C._class = C
base = rawget C, '_base'
if base
C._base = base
for name,fn in pairs base
if C[name] == nil -- let class override base!
C[name] = fn
setmetatable C, __call: (...) => ctor C, ...
return klass
klass = require 'klass'
A = klass
_init: (name) =>
@name = name
greet: => print "hello", @name
__tostring: => @name
B = klass(A)
greet: => print "hola", @name
a = B 'Juan'
print a
hola Juan
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