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A Moonscript class, documentation by LDoc,
-- A list class that wraps a table
-- @classmod List
import insert,concat,remove from table
class List
--- constructor passed a table `t`, which can be `nil`.
new: (t) =>
@ls = t or {}
--- append to list.
add: (item) =>
insert @ls,item
--- insert `item` at `idx`
insert: (idx,item) =>
insert @ls,idx,item
--- remove item at `idx`
remove: (idx) => remove @ls,idx
--- length of list
len: => #@ls
--- string representation
-- @within Metamethods
__tostring: => '['..(concat @ls,',')..']'
--- return idx of first occurence of `item`
find: (item) =>
for i = 1,#@ls
if @ls[i] == item then return i
--- remove item by value
remove_value: (item) =>
idx = self\find item
self\remove idx if idx
--- remove a list of items
remove_values: (items) =>
for item in *items do self\remove_value item
--- create a sublist of items indexed by a table `indexes`
index_by: (indexes) =>
List [@ls[idx] for idx in *indexes]
--- make a copy of this list
copy: => List [v for v in *@ls]
--- append items from the table or list `list`
extend: (list) =>
other = if list.__class == List then else list
for v in *other do self\add v
--- concatenate two lists, giving a new list
-- @within Metamethods
__concat: (l1,l2) -> l1\copy!\extend l2
--- an iterator over all items
iter: =>
i,t,n = 0,@ls,#@ls
i += 1
if i <= n then t[i]
return List
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