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Created May 8, 2018 14:20
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Teller payment example with signatures
require "net/https"
require "time"
require "base64"
require "uri"
require "securerandom"
# Load your private key
pkey ="private_key.pem")
# Create new HTTP request
uri = URI.parse "{SecureRandom.uuid}"
req = uri.request_uri
# Set the request body with the payment parameters
req.form_data = {bank_code: "00-00-00", account_number: "00000000", amount: "0.01"}
# Instantiate a OpenSSL digest
sha256 ="sha256")
# Set Date header
req["Date"] =
# Set Digest header
base64 = Base64.strict_encode64 sha256.digest(req.body)
req["Digest"] = "SHA-256=#{base64}"
# Set the Authorization header using the user access token from the TAuth redirect
# Set your User-Agent string and any other headers you want to include (optional)
req["Accept"] = "application/json"
req["User-Agent"] = "Super Rad App/0.0.1"
# Create signing string
signing_string =
inject(["(request-target): #{req.method.downcase} #{req.path}"]) { |arr, (k,v)| arr << ["#{k.downcase}: #{v}"] }.
# Create list of headers included in signature
header_list = req.each_key.to_a.join(" ")
# Sign the signing string
signature = pkey.sign(sha256, signing_string)
# Construct and set the final Signature header
req["Signature"] = %Q(keyId="certificate",algorithm="rsa-sha256",headers="#{header_list}",signature="#{Base64.strict_encode64(signature)}")
# Make the request!
http =, uri.port)
http.use_ssl = true
http.cert ="certificate.pem")
http.key = pkey
http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER
response = http.request(req)
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@stevegraham I am getting an error with {"error":{"message":"The requested resource does not exist","code":"not_found"}} when trying to hit the endpoints to make payments

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savavel commented May 9, 2018

@sasili-adetunji Check the bank account id you are sending from, the bank_code, account_number, amount and authorization token that you get after Tauth redirect as well as your certificates. Otherwise it will tell you the resource doesn't exist. I got the same error, double-checked these parameters and it works.

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@savavel @stevegraham Thanks. After checking the auth token, I changed the bearer token to the authorization token that I got after Tauth redirect and I got this error.
{"error":{"message":"1020: Session has timed out","code":"institution_error"}}

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