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Hooked on WordPress Actions and Filters - WordCamp Columbus 2012

Hooked on WordPress Actions and Filters

July 14, 2012

Instructor: John Dillick (@johndillick)


What are actions?

Points within the code that allow developers to hook into the execution chain ("give you and opportunity to do something too")

WordPress Codex

Examples of action hooks

// Basic

// Pass variables into the action

Adding an action

// Object-oriented

Remember that action hooks have priority levels - those with a higher priority will be executed first.

Removing actions

remove_action( $tag, $callback, $priority, $args )

remove_all_actions( $tag, $priority )

Common actions

  • init
  • admin_init
  • wp_head
  • wp_footer
  • admin_head
  • admin_footer

Complete list:


Filter content then return the filtered result

WordPress Codex



In 2010, WordPress added the capital_P_dangit callback to the_content, the_title, comment_text so that "Wordpress" would always be camel-cased as "WordPress"

Removing filters

remove_filter( $tag, $callback, $priority, $args )

remove_all_filters( $tag, $priority )

Common filters

  • the_content
  • the_excerpt
  • the_title

(Semi-)complete list:

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