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Created March 6, 2018 14:48
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Modify the available block formats within WordPress' TinyMCE editor. A quick solution for
* Change the block formats available in TinyMCE.
* @link
* @param array $init Default settings to be overridden.
* @return array The modified $init array.
function cdils_change_mce_block_formats( $init ) {
$block_formats = array(
'Heading 1=h1',
'Heading 2=h2',
'Heading 3=h3',
'Heading 4=h4',
'Heading 5=h5',
'Heading 6=h6',
$init['block_formats'] = implode( ';', $block_formats );
return $init;
add_filter( 'tiny_mce_before_init', 'cdils_change_mce_block_formats' );
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cdils commented Mar 6, 2018


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Hey Bart, remember this Gist? Well it's blog form!

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