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Module 4 Assessment

You will have the opportunity to do your final assessment in Ruby or JavaScript. You get to choose the language. The instructor will choose one or more from a set of available challenges. This is your final assessment, so it's expected that you should be able to handle anything from your time at Turing.

You will be expected to use TDD for all of the challenges below.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails

  • Implement advanced ActiveRecord query strategies using scopes and/or class methods
  • Implement a versioned API, complete with controller tests
  • Set up schema and relationships in a greenfield Rails application; this challenge may include (but are not limited to):
    • Self-referential relationships
    • Polymorphic relationships
  • Implement routing in a green field Rails based on specific criteria; including named routes
  • Extract functionality in a controller into a service

JavaScript, jQuery, and Ember

  • Implement filter and sorting functionality over a list of elements in the DOM using jQuery
  • Refactor the above to use a data structure in JavaScript and then render that structure into the DOM
  • Write a recursive algorithm for checking a victory condition in a Connect Four (or similar) game
  • Implement a set of nested routes in an Ember application
  • Create a set of fixtures using Ember Data in an green field Ember application
  • Create a component in Ember to isolate functionality for each in a collection of items
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