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Steve Kinney stevekinney

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Module 1

  • Semantic markup
  • HTML standards mode and quirks mode
  • HTML fundamentals
    • Classes and IDs
  • CSS fundamentals
    • Selectors
    • Resets and normalizers
    • The box model
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Last active Sep 9, 2021
Web Performance Workshop

Web Performance




Frontend Masters: AWS for Frontend Engineers

You should have the following completed on your computer before the workshop:

  • Install the AWS CLI.
  • Have Node.js installed on your system. (Recommended: Use nvm.)
    • Install yarn with brew install yarn.
  • Create an AWS account. (This will require a valid credit card.)
  • Create a Travis CI account. (This should be as simple as logging in via GitHub).
stevekinney / fahrenheit_to_celsius.js
Created Jul 25, 2012
Function Example: Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
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function convertFahrenheitToCelsius(temperature) {
// Take whatever temperature the function is handed, do some math and return it.
return (temperature - 32) * (5/9)
// Prompt the user and store whatever they say in a variable.
var theirInput = prompt("Enter in a Fahrenheit temperature & I'll convert it to Celsius");
// Run their number through the function and store it in a variable named result.
var result = convertFahrenheitToCelsius(theirInput);
View record-events-and-where-they-happened.js
// Records every DOM event and then set ups a listener that shows
// the full CSS selector path of the target that triggered the event.
const getPathForElement = el => {
const names = [];
while (el.parentNode) {
if ( {
} else {

Frontend Masters: React && Firebase (Version 2)

Contact Information

Prequisite Setup

  • A recent version of Node.js
  • npm install -g create-react-app
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"printWidth": 80,
"tabWidth": 2,
"useTabs": false,
"semi": true,
"singleQuote": true,
"trailingComma": "all",
"bracketSpacing": true,
"jsxBracketSameLine": false,
"fluid": false
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Last active Jun 27, 2021
Frontend Masters: Electron Workshop (December, 2018)

Frontend Masters: Electron (Version 2)

You'll need a recent version of Node.js installed on your computer with administrative access. Yarn is not required, but Electron Forge uses it, so it would be helpful to install beforehand.

Please make sure you're using a supported platform. This is particularly important if you're running Linux.

Important note: If you're using Windows, make sure you're not using the Windows Subsystem for Linux. This will confuse Electron to thinking you're running on a Linux machine when you're really not.

We'll be using working through the following repositories over the course of the workshop: