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Arduino: Toggle LED with breadboard push button
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Button toggles LED off and on
Using an Arduino MEGA 2560 (from here on referred to as the MEGA)
and associated electronic components, create a hardware and software solution that
will turn on an LED when a momentary button is pressed and then turn off the light
when the button is pressed again.
The circuit:
- LED attached from pin 12 with inline 1k Ω to ground
- pushbutton attached to pin 9 from +5V to ground
created 2020-01-19
Steven Combs (
// Integer variables
int ledPin = 12; // LED to PIN 12 (+5V) to ground on MEGA
int buttonPin = 9; // Button on PIN 9 (+5V) to ground on MEGA
int toggleState = false; // Button toggle is off
void setup() // Configure devices
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // ledPin as output device
pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT_PULLUP); // buttonPin as input with a pullup resistor
void loop() // Main loop
if (digitalRead(buttonPin) == false) {
toggleState = !toggleState; // Reverse current state of variable (false <-> true)
digitalWrite(ledPin, toggleState); // LED to toggleState
while (digitalRead(buttonPin) == false);
delay(50); // Add a necessary time delay of 50ms
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