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Sample implementation: How to send trading signals from Metatrader to Telegram channel/group/private chat with Telegram4MQL
//| Signal2Channel.mq4 |
//| steven england |
//| |
//| !!! Please note that there is a successor project. !!! |
//| Visit or |
//| for more information |
#property copyright "steven england"
#property link ""
#property version "1.00"
#import "Telegram4Mql.dll"
string TelegramSendTextAsync(string ApiKey, string ChatId, string ChatText);
string TelegramSendText(string ApiKey, string ChatId, string ChatText);
//| |
void OnInit()
void sample() // this entry point is only for testing
// Your config parameters here
// The api key of your telegram bot:
string apikey = "<YOUR API KEY>";
// The chat ID of your channel you want to post to:
string chatid = "<YOUR CHAT ID>";
/* Your incredible Expert Advisor logic here
Some (not meaningful) example values:
int cmd = OP_SELL; // operation
double volume = 0.1; // volume
double price = 0.1; // price
int slippage = 1; // slippage
double stoploss = 0.1; // stop loss
double takeprofit = 0.1; // take profit
string comment = "a comment";// comment
int magic = 0; // magic number
datetime expiration = 0; // pending order expiration
color arrow_color = clrRed; // color
// Ready to send an order
string text2send = "";
int ordersend = OrderSend(Symbol(), cmd, volume, price, slippage, stoploss, takeprofit, comment, magic, expiration, arrow_color);
if(ordersend < 0)
HandleSendError(GetLastError()); // implement this custom functon on your own.
// Describe your order for the others
if(OrderSelect(ordersend, SELECT_BY_TICKET, MODE_TRADES) == true)
text2send = "MyIncredibleSignal\n" +
"Symbol: " + Symbol() + "\n" +
"Type: " + OrderType() + "\n" +
"Open Time: " + OrderOpenTime() + "\n" +
"Open Price: " + OrderOpenPrice() + "\n";
HandleSelectError(GetLastError()); // implement this custom functon on your own.
// Send a text message to a channel either blocking or non blocking
// Non blocking if Expert Advisor must immediatly return -> you cannot say if the message was really sent
TelegramSendTextAsync(apikey, chatid, text2send);
// Blocking if your Expert Advisor must not immediatly return -> you can check if sending was successful
string telegramresult = TelegramSendText(apikey, chatid, text2send);
if (telegramresult != "0")
HandleTelegramError(telegramresult); // implement this custom functon on your own.

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@rosspfc rosspfc commented Aug 25, 2018

Hello don’t know how old this thread is but did this work? Thanks


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@EVOJUAN EVOJUAN commented Nov 7, 2018

I don't know anything about coding, but I did a EA on FXdreema that send me notification of bolinger and EMA direct to my mt4 terminal on my cellphone.
Now I like send that already done EA to send that notification to a TElegram channel , but im trying all a see but somehow nothing work, I have my channel and my bot is the adm. and I did a test on the web browser to send direct message to the channel and it did perfect, but no signal or notification has send from mt4 to telegram.

what I can do ? or is a video tutorial that I can learn ?

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