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@stevenhuey stevenhuey/config.m
Created Sep 9, 2013

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Barista Server Config.
- (void)runWithURL:(NSURL*)serverRoot onPort:(NSUInteger)port
_server = [BARServer serverWithPort:port];
[_server addGlobalMiddleware:[MarkdownTemplateRenderer rendererWithViewsDirectoryURL:serverRoot]];
BARRouter *router = [[BARRouter alloc] init];
[_server addGlobalMiddleware:router];
[router addRoute:@"/:view" forHTTPMethod:@"GET" handler:^BOOL(BARConnection *connection, BARRequest *request, NSDictionary *parameters)
BARResponse* response = [[BARResponse alloc] init];
response.statusCode = 200;
[response setViewToRender:parameters[@"view"]
[connection sendResponse:response];
return YES;
[_server startListening];
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