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stevenringo /
Created December 3, 2017 23:01
Links to YouTube recordings of AWS re:Invent 2017 sessions

| Title | Description

stevenringo /
Created September 11, 2017 00:13
Create/update/delete cloudformation stacks with events tailing
set -o pipefail
_exit_error() {
echo "$message" >&2
exit $code
_exit_ok() {
stevenringo / undent.rb
Created May 18, 2017 04:53 — forked from ashrithr/undent.rb
Ruby un-indent lines of here document
class String
def undent
gsub(/^.{#{slice(/^ +/).length}}/, '')
test = <<-EOS.undent
testing unindent
..another line
stevenringo /
Created August 24, 2016 12:38 — forked from lox/
A wrapper for @pda's aws-keychain that generates temporary credentials via STS.
set -euo pipefail
: ${AWS_CREDENTIALS_FILE="$HOME/.aws/credentials"}
sts_keychain_get_session_token() {
echo generating temporary credentials via sts >&2
aws-keychain exec $1 \
cat <<EOF
Usage: $(basename $0) [options]
This shell script is a simple wrapper around the openssl binary. It uses
s_client to get certificate information from remote hosts, or x509 for local
certificate files. It can parse out some of the openssl output or just dump all
stevenringo / nginx.conf
Created March 1, 2016 21:10 — forked from daveslutzkin/nginx.conf
Nginx conf for solid SSL/TLS
# Thin serving Rails.
upstream app_server {
server fail_timeout=0;
# SSL/TLS certificates - the key should be 4096 bit generated with: 'openssl genrsa -des3 -out server.key 4096'
ssl_certificate_key /var/app/deploy/;
ssl_certificate /var/app/deploy/;
# Ideally we'd have only TLSv1.2, but that compromises client support significantly
Memorandum by the Prime Minister.
To do our work, we all have to read a mass of papers. Nearly all of them are far too long. This wastes time, while energy has to he spent in looking for the essential points.
I ask my colleagues and their staffs to see to it that their Reports are shorter.
(i) The aim should be Reports which set out the main points in a series of short, crisp paragraphs.
(ii) If a Report relies on detailed analysis of some complicated factors, or on statistics, these should be set out in an Appendix.
(iii) Often the occasion is best met by submitting not a full-dress Report, but an Aide-memoire consisting of headings only, which can be expanded orally if needed.
(iv) Let us have an end of such phrases as these:
stevenringo / gist:8c70bd148ac0d24bff66
Created September 15, 2014 22:11
Ansible double interpolation
- name: create required directories
sudo_user: "{{ deploy_user }}"
file: path="{{ item }}" state=directory owner={{ deploy_user }} group={{ deploy_user }} mode=0755
- "{{ git_repo_path }}"
- "{{ shared_path }}"
- "{{ archive_path }}"
- "{{ releases_path }}"
- name: Deploy new site release
user: deployer
hosts: all
- name: Fetch repo updates
git: >