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Demonstrates how to use zipfile to write some files into a zip archive.
import os
import zipfile
# List all files in the current directory
allFileNames = os.listdir( os.curdir )
# Open the zip file for writing, and write some files to it
myZipFile = zipfile.ZipFile( "", "w" )
# Write each file present into the new zip archive, except the python script
for fileName in allFileNames:
(name, ext) = os.path.splitext( fileName )
if ext != ".py":
print "Writing... " + fileName
myZipFile.write( fileName, os.path.basename(fileName), zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED )
print ""
# Open the file again, to see what's in it
myZipFile = zipfile.ZipFile( "", "r" )
for info in myZipFile.infolist():
print "Reading...", info.filename, info.date_time, info.file_size, info.compress_size
raw_input( '\n\nPress Enter to exit...' )
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