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Created October 25, 2016 23:33
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Miva - mvt:call SOAP Request
<mvt:assign name="l.newline" value="asciichar(10)"/>
<mvt:assign name="l.headers" value="'SOAPAction:' $ l.newline" />
<mvt:assign name="l.url" value="''" />
<mvt:assign name="l.soap_xml" value="trim('
<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
<m:GetPrice xmlns:m=\"\">
')" />
<mvt:call action="l.url" method="'XML'" fields="'l.soap_xml'" headers="l.headers">
<mvt:eval expr="s.callvalue" />
<!-- @@ &mvt:global:MvCALL_Error; -->
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