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Key points:

Most transformation is doomed because companies lack visibility into how it improves the business

  • lack buy in/alignment
  • arbitrary focal points based on industry
  • arbitrary roadmaps unlinked to reality

Most teams focus on micro optimization instead of starting with a holistic view

  • focus on tools
  • buying a solution
  • not looking at the big picture

By improving your existing processes, you can regain time to transform

  • vsm reveals issues/opportunities
  • helps communication
  • serves as a roadmap for improvement

Remember the current system and process exist because of many actions and events, and blame for the current state isn't going to move you forward. Every step forward is a cause for shared celebration and since we can measure every iteration, there's data to account for every improvement! Sharing your progress is an excellent way to spread learning, good practices and scale the momentum to other teams.

Don't worry so much about the detail of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) - 80% of the value comes from 20% of the parts - focus on the Goal, Steps and Lag time. The main benefit is in creating a visual asset so separate groups (Dev,Ops,Support,QA,etc) can all have a common understanding and point of reference



DevOps Traction






The DevOps Pipeline




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