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Function to Format Phone Number with RegEx and Coldfusion
component output="false" {
public formatPhone function init(){
return this;
public string function formatPhone(required string phoneNumber)
description="Strips out anything that isn't a number and then takes the first 10 digits and formats them to our spec: (404) 555-1212"
var failedReturn = 0;
// Strip out everything but the numbers
var cleanNumber = REReplaceNoCase(arguments.phoneNumber,"[^0-9]","","All");
// area code can't start with a 1 or 0, so remove them if they are at the beginning
if(Left(cleanNumber,1) EQ 1 OR Left(cleanNumber,1) EQ 0){
cleanNumber = right(cleanNumber,len(cleanNumber) - 1);
while(left(cleanNumber,1) EQ 1 OR left(cleanNumber,1) EQ 0);
// If there are stil 10 or more digits left, lets use the left 10 and drop the rest
if(len(cleanNumber) LT 10){
return failedReturn;
cleanNumber = left(cleanNumber,10);
// Format the 10 digits we have
cleanNumber = "(#left(cleanNumber,3)#) #mid(cleanNumber,4,3)#-#right(cleanNumber,4)#";
return cleanNumber;
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