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Last active December 21, 2015 07:29
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Mura CMS : In 6.1, you will be able to define your own display events via 'display=someAction'
// you can even trigger the display event
$.event('display', 'help');
// place this in your Site or Theme eventHandler.cfc
public any function onDisplayRender($) {
var str = '';
switch(arguments.$.event('display')) {
case 'someAction' :
try {
savecontent variable='str' {
include '#arguments.$.siteConfig('themeAssetPath')#/display_objects/someAction.cfm';
} catch(any e) {
str = '<p>missing file</p>';
case 'help' :
str = '<h1>Hey, you asked for HELP!</h1>';
default :
str = '';
return str;
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