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EKS with CDK in Go
package main
import (
type EksCdkGoStackProps struct {
func NewEksCdkGoStack(scope constructs.Construct, id string, props *EksCdkGoStackProps) awscdk.Stack {
var sprops awscdk.StackProps
if props != nil {
sprops = props.StackProps
stack := awscdk.NewStack(scope, &id, &sprops)
cluster := awseks.NewCluster(stack, jsii.String("MyNewCluster"), &awseks.ClusterProps{
Version: awseks.KubernetesVersion_V1_19(),
ClusterName: jsii.String("my-new-cluster"), // Overrides the auto-generated name
cluster.AddHelmChart(jsii.String("KubePrometheusStack"), &awseks.HelmChartOptions{
Chart: jsii.String("kube-prometheus-stack"),
Repository: jsii.String(""),
Namespace: jsii.String("prometheus"),
CreateNamespace: jsii.Bool(true), // Defaults to true and not required, but shown for clarity
Release: jsii.String("prometheus"), // Overrides the auto-generated release name
return stack
func main() {
app := awscdk.NewApp(nil)
NewEksCdkGoStack(app, "EksCdkGoStack", &EksCdkGoStackProps{
Env: env(),
// env determines the AWS environment (account+region) in which our stack is to
// be deployed. For more information see:
func env() *awscdk.Environment {
// If unspecified, this stack will be "environment-agnostic".
// Account/Region-dependent features and context lookups will not work, but a
// single synthesized template can be deployed anywhere.
return nil
// Uncomment if you know exactly what account and region you want to deploy
// the stack to. This is the recommendation for production stacks.
// return &awscdk.Environment{
// Account: jsii.String("123456789012"),
// Region: jsii.String("us-east-1"),
// }
// Uncomment to specialize this stack for the AWS Account and Region that are
// implied by the current CLI configuration. This is recommended for dev
// stacks.
// return &awscdk.Environment{
// Account: jsii.String(os.Getenv("CDK_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT")),
// Region: jsii.String(os.Getenv("CDK_DEFAULT_REGION")),
// }
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