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@stevotvr stevotvr/flavordex2.csv Secret
Created Apr 9, 2018

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Example Flavordex CSV file
uuid title cat maker origin price location date rating notes extras flavors photos
e030e11e-99c2-4f5e-95c4-6c6740503113 Jefferson’s Straight Rye Whiskey _whiskey Jefferson's Canada $36/bottle Home 2012-11-28T21:14Z 4.0 Quick burst of fruit followed by mellow rye spice & dryness, has a grassy linger. There is a certain funk to it that’s VERY subtle, and almost grappa like - very faint and not unpleasant. Makes an above average old fashioned and Manhattan and good neat but not my preferred rye for a session but definitely a dynamic tasting. Chewy linger w/ the grass and leather. {"_style":"Straight Rye","_stats_age":"10 yrs","_stats_abv":"47"} {"Body":3,"Charcoal":4,"Oak":4,"Leather":4,"Spice":2,"Alcohol":3,"Astringent":3,"Linger":4,"Sweet":2,"Maple":2,"Fruit":3,"Vanilla":2,"Smoke":1,"Peat":0,"Nut":1} ["20121114_161713.jpg"]
3c6c9966-c78a-4a54-93e8-2eb443babdee Pliney The Elder _beer Russian River Brewing Company Santa Rosa, CA $5 Bottleworks 2013-06-26T03:59Z 4.5 Profoundly balanced given the alcohol content, hops, and light body. All the characteristics of an imperial but the sum is greater than the parts. {"_style":"Double IPA","_serving":"3","_stats_ibu":"100","_stats_abv":"1.07","_stats_og":"8.0","_stats_fg":""} {"Body":2,"Syrup":2,"Fruit":2,"Citrus":5,"Hops":5,"Linger":4,"Spice":2,"Herb":3,"Malt":2,"Alcohol":3,"Sweet":2,"Sour":3,"Bitter":3,"Astringent":2} ["photo.JPG"]
f414553c-c749-458d-b82b-bc18fd9faedd 2009 Old Vine Cuvee _wine Four Vines Graton, Sonoma County, California $9 2012-05-20T15:06Z 3.5 Rich & mineral heavy but with a brightness & heat bursting through to prevent it from lingering metallic, instead leaving behind rich, concentrated cherry and pleasant warmth. {"_varietal":"Zinfandel","_stats_vintage":"2009","_stats_abv":"14.4"} {"Body":4,"Fruit":4,"Citrus":2,"Berry":4,"Floral":1,"Spice":3,"Herb":2,"Nut":1,"Earth":4,"Wood":3,"Caramel":2,"Sweet":3,"Sour":3,"Astringent":4,"Linger":4,"Heat":4} ["winephoto.JPG"]
2ced63c2-0569-449a-a3c6-608f5f39c5e4 Ethiopia Gedeo _coffee Southern Oromia region, Sidamo $2 Herkimer 2012-05-20T15:00Z 4.0 Strong smell and taste of blueberry, balanced, medium body doesn't overexpose the dark berry flavor - easy. I like turtles. {"_roaster":"Herkimer","_roast_date":"","_grind":"","_brew_method":"3","_stats_dose":"","_stats_mass":"","_stats_temp":"","_stats_extime":"","_stats_tds":"","_stats_yield":""} {"Body":2,"Citrus":2,"Berry":5,"Floral":3,"Spice":1,"Smoke":1,"Nut":3,"Chocolate":1,"Caramel":2,"Sweet":3,"Sour":2,"Bitter":1,"Salt":1,"Finish":3} ["IMG_1897.JPG","IMG_1896.JPG"]
bd4a150d-bad0-4b7e-9869-5ae4716babcc Sample Entry Sample Stevo California $6 Nowhere 2015-08-27T18:59Z 3.0 This is just a sample... {"Sample Extra":"A Value","Extra 2":"8"} {"Flavor":3,"Fruit":2,"Sweet":4,"Earth":5,"Bitter":3,"Linger":4} []
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