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Written to change the unix name used for a cvs commit to a pretty git name for the user.Implementation borrowed from format (same format as git-cvsimport requires):
# Changes author and committer name and email throughout the whole repository.
# Uses a file with the following format:
# Doe <>
# Doe <>
if [ ! -e "$1" ]
echo "File '$1' does not exist"
exit 1
export authors_file=$1
git filter-branch -f --env-filter '
grep "^$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL=" "$authors_file" >> /dev/null
if [ $RETVAL -eq 0 ]
get_name () {
grep "^$1=" "$authors_file" |
sed "s/^.*=\(.*\) <.*>$/\1/"
get_email () {
grep "^$1=" "$authors_file" |
sed "s/^.*=.* <\(.*\)>$/\1/"
name=$(get_name "$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL")
email=$(get_email "$GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL")
GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="$name" &&
GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL="$email" &&
' -- --all

stigkj commented Dec 9, 2011

Improved implementation by

  • taking the auth-conv-file to use as an argument
  • use email as key instead of name to get around the problem with foreign letters
  • more quoting

Can this be adopted to include a list of Git contributors emails -- not a cvs import -- and then go through the list? Change the user and email based only on the old email.


stigkj commented Apr 17, 2012

You mean you do not have a file, just a list inline in the script?

Having a file, but only base the cycle on emails, and end up with one author(name+email).


stigkj commented Apr 18, 2012

Not sure I is based on emails, that is, commits with emails matching the first column in the file will get their name and email replaced from the second column of the file

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