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* @author AppPresser
* Lets you use different child themes for multisite.
* Needs to added as a mu-plugin. So create a new file and
* place it in the wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder.
* Name your child theme folders using the blog id:
* app-theme-14, but remove the ion-ap3-child theme.
function my_app_child_theme( $theme_slug ) {
$new_theme_slug = 'app-theme-' . get_current_blog_id();
$child_theme = wp_get_theme( $new_theme_slug );
if ( $child_theme->exists() ) {
$theme_slug = $new_theme_slug;
return $theme_slug;
add_filter( 'appp_theme', 'my_app_child_theme' );
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