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shakespeare example
/* jshint node: true, esversion: 6 */
argv = require('yargs') // `yargs` is a command line argument parser
.demand('connection') // pass in the node_redis connection object location with '--connection'
.argv, // return it back as a plain object
connection = require(argv.connection), // load and parse the JSON file at `argv.connection`
redis = require('redis'), // node_redis module
rediSearch = require('./index.js'), // rediSearch Abstraction library
data = rediSearch(redis,'the-bard',{ clientOptions : connection }); // create an instance of the abstraction module using the index 'the-bard'
// since we passed in redis module instead of a client instance, it will create a client instance
// using the options specified in the 3rd argument.
data.createIndex([ // create the index using the following fields
data.fieldDefinition.text('line', true), // field named 'line' that holds text values and will be sortable later on
data.fieldDefinition.text('play', true, { noStem : true }), // 'play' field is a text values that won’t be stemmed
data.fieldDefinition.numeric('speech',true), // 'speech' is a numeric field that is sortable
data.fieldDefinition.text('speaker', false, { noStem : true }), // 'speaker' is a text field that is not stemmed and not sortable
data.fieldDefinition.text('entry', false), // 'entry' is a text field that stemmed and not sortable
data.fieldDefinition.geo('location') // 'location' is a geospatial index
function(err) { // Error first callback after the index is created
if (err) { throw err; } // Handle the errors
data.batch() // Start a 'batch' pipeline
.rediSearch.add(57956, { // index the object at the ID 57956
entry : 'Out, damned spot! out, I say!--One: two: why,',
line : '5.1.31',
play : 'macbeth',
speech : '15',
speaker : 'LADY MACBETH',
location : '-3.9264,57.5243'
.rediSearch.getDoc(57956) // Get the document index at 57956'spot') // Search all fields for the term 'spot'
.rediSearch.exec(function(err,results) { // execute the pipeline
if (err) { throw err; } // Handle the errors
console.log(JSON.stringify(results[1],null,2)); // show the results from the second pipeline item (`getDoc`)
console.log(JSON.stringify(results[2],null,2)); // show the results from the third pipeline item (`search`)
data.dropIndex(function(err) { // drop the index and send any errors to `err`
if (err) { throw err; } // handle the errors
data.client.quit(); // `data.client` is direct access to the client created in the `rediSearch` function
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