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Loop-based Hold Targeting and Hold Pickup Location Weight

Notes on Loop Based Hold targeting and Hold Pickup Location weights

Setting the loop YAOUS to anything other than a non zero positive integer is the same as setting it to zero.

Setting it to zero causes holds to be canceled immediately if they hit the code.

2012-02-20T16:21:45  <blongwel> Anyone familiar with the library setting "org unit target weight"?
2012-02-20T16:22:50  <gmcharlt> blongwel: yes
2012-02-20T16:23:29  <gmcharlt> upshot - if you have several OUs that could supply an item to fill a hold, the weight indicates how liikely a given OU's item will be selected
2012-02-20T16:23:46  <gmcharlt> let's say there are two  - A with a weight of 2, and B with a weight of 1
2012-02-20T16:24:14  <gmcharlt> if you enable target weights, two times out of three, if both A and B have an item that fills a given hold request
2012-02-20T16:24:24  <gmcharlt> A will be be chosen
2012-02-20T16:24:45  <gmcharlt> effectively, it sums up the weights, rolls the dice, and picks an OU
2012-02-20T16:25:57  <blongwel> gmcharlt: Thanks, that helps. We are giving it a try so I wanted to make sure I understood.
2012-02-20T16:31:41  *** luisb has joined #evergreen
2012-02-20T16:41:31  <blongwel> gmcharlt: Thought of another issue - does the weight targeting circumvent the normal targeting of home library first, followed by system, etc.?
2012-02-20T16:42:07  *** luisb has quit IRC
2012-02-20T16:47:49  <tsbere> blongwel: I think the target weight is when distance is otherwise equal. So holds for pickup at library A will prefer copies on the shelf at library A for the pull list all the time type deal.
2012-02-20T16:49:00  *** elene has joined #evergreen
2012-02-20T16:50:57  <blongwel> tsbere:  perfect - ILL is busy enough with the 75 libraries - I didn't want things traveling more than they needed. Thanks
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