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Generate a rainbow table of all possible SSNs

seq -f “%09.0f” 000000000 999999999 | sed -e ‘s/^\(.\{3\}\)\(.\{2\}\)\(.\{4\}\)/\1-\2-\3/’ | parallel -j16 –pipe ‘ruby -r digest/md5 -n -e “\$_.chomp!; puts "%s %s" % [\$_, Digest::MD5.hexdigest(\$_)]”’ > ssns


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@stouset stouset commented Dec 17, 2012

$ head ssns
000-91-6666 3772ece9f5c4b21c93ae9f19e67d91e4
000-91-6667 a37cbfc57ea3d306b72c50d947b8d639
000-91-6668 2cafd95d05325c28cb1ae7b757b58a7f
000-91-6669 f2e690e8a07a052b05d33ab18c8e5c55
000-91-6670 331778126111387700e6a51697d61501
000-91-6671 cef67bac8b434ea8101b20e7b7c7b504
000-91-6672 938ae5fc4d279ca14a17b50fbe195b1b
000-91-6673 398f7ef7112c1e664b551ef42b27d8e8
000-91-6674 bc9a28a4c00e996b03c3f8163558dce3
000-91-6675 97d8321fffbd19f980c5340128a093cd
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