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YouTube Topic IDs

Music topics

  • /m/04rlf Music
  • /m/05fw6t Children's music
  • /m/02mscn Christian music
  • /m/0ggq0m Classical music
  • /m/01lyv Country
  • /m/02lkt Electronic music
  • /m/0glt670 Hip hop music
  • /m/05rwpb Independent music
  • /m/03_d0 Jazz
  • /m/028sqc Music of Asia
  • /m/0g293 Music of Latin America
  • /m/064t9 Pop music
  • /m/06cqb Reggae
  • /m/06j6l Rhythm and blues
  • /m/06by7 Rock music
  • /m/0gywn Soul music

Gaming topics

  • /m/0bzvm2 Gaming
  • /m/025zzc Action game
  • /m/02ntfj Action-adventure game
  • /m/0b1vjn Casual game
  • /m/02hygl Music video game
  • /m/04q1x3q Puzzle video game
  • /m/01sjng Racing video game
  • /m/0403l3g Role-playing video game
  • /m/021bp2 Simulation video game
  • /m/022dc6 Sports game
  • /m/03hf_rm Strategy video game

Sports topics

  • /m/06ntj Sports
  • /m/0jm_ American football
  • /m/018jz Baseball
  • /m/018w8 Basketball
  • /m/01cgz Boxing
  • /m/09xp_ Cricket
  • /m/02vx4 Football
  • /m/037hz Golf
  • /m/03tmr Ice hockey
  • /m/01h7lh Mixed martial arts
  • /m/0410tth Motorsport
  • /m/066wd Professional wrestling
  • /m/07bs0 Tennis
  • /m/07_53 Volleyball

Entertainment topics

  • /m/02jjt Entertainment
  • /m/095bb Animated cartoon
  • /m/09kqc Humor
  • /m/02vxn Movies
  • /m/05qjc Performing arts

Lifestyle topics

  • /m/019_rr Lifestyle
  • /m/032tl Fashion
  • /m/027x7n Fitness
  • /m/02wbm Food
  • /m/0kt51 Health
  • /m/03glg Hobby
  • /m/068hy Pets
  • /m/041xxh Physical attractiveness [Beauty]
  • /m/07c1v Technology
  • /m/07bxq Tourism
  • /m/07yv9 Vehicles

Other topics

  • /m/01k8wb Knowledge
  • /m/098wr Society
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alt-art commented Apr 26, 2020

thaks, that was a hand in the wheel for me

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bera5186 commented May 11, 2021

from where did you got this, are there any docs for this? @stpe

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stpe commented May 11, 2021

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alt-art commented May 23, 2021

@stpe I did not find topic id in this documentation, it is written to look at the freebase but the link does not work, in addition to the freebase being deprecated. Perhaps you wrote it before the documentation changed.

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