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Cancel PMPro subscriptions when a recurring payment fails.
Cancel subscriptions when a recurring payment fails. As of PMPro version, failed payments reported via Stripe webhook, PayPal IPN handler, or silent post kick off the pmpro_subscription_payment_failed action.
Also make sure to edit the default billing_failure.html email to mention that users are cancelled upon failure. To do so, copy paid-memberships-pro/email/billing_failure.html into themes/{active theme}/paid-memberships-pro/email/ and edit the text to suit your need.
Note: This cancels on the first failure. To cancel only when cancelling at Stripe, see this gist:
function my_pmpro_subscription_payment_failed($order)
//cancel the membership
pmpro_changeMembershipLevel(0, $order->user_id);
add_action("pmpro_subscription_payment_failed", "my_pmpro_subscription_payment_failed");
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