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Change how codes are generated for orders in Paid Memberships Pro. Add this code to your active theme's functions.php or a custom plugin.
Set random order "code" to equal the order ID
It is important to keep the prefix (PMPRO-) below or change it to something else with a non-number in it.
If a code is all numeric, PMPro will go into an infinite loop when a new order is created.
function my_pmpro_random_code($code, $order)
global $wpdb;
$prefix = 'PMPRO-';
//already have an id for this order? or should we guess what the next id is going to be?
$code = $prefix . $order->id;
else {
//get id of most recent order
$last_order_id = intval($wpdb->get_var('SELECT id FROM $wpdb->pmpro_membership_orders ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1'));
//increment and check if it's available until we find one, this is probably goin
$already_used = true;
while($already_used != false) {
$code = $prefix . $last_order_id;
$already_used = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT code FROM $wpdb->pmpro_membership_orders WHERE code = '" . esc_sql($code) . "' LIMIT 1");
return $code;
add_filter("pmpro_random_code", "my_pmpro_random_code", 10, 2);
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