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Restrict certain countries from signing up for certain levels.
function my_init()
global $restricted_countries;
//specify the countries not allowed to signup. The key is the level id.
$restricted_countries = array(
1 => array('FR', 'IT'),
2 => array('IT'),
add_action('init', 'my_init');
function my_pmpro_registration_checks($value)
global $restricted_countries, $pmpro_msg, $pmpro_msgt;
$country = $_REQUEST['bcountry'];
$level_id = $_REQUEST['level'];
//only check if the level has restrictions
if(array_key_exists($level_id, $restricted_countries) && in_array($country, $restricted_countries[$level_id]))
$pmpro_msg = "Your country of residence is not permitted to register for this level.";
$pmpro_msgt = "pmpro_error";
$value = false;
return $value;
add_filter("pmpro_registration_checks", "my_pmpro_registration_checks");
function my_pmpro_level_expiration_text($text, $level)
global $restricted_countries, $pmpro_countries;
if(array_key_exists($level->id, $restricted_countries ))
$text = $text." This level cannont be purchased if you reside in the following countries: ";
//code for commas
$i = 1;
foreach($restricted_countries[$level->id] as $country)
$text = $text. $pmpro_countries[$country];
if($i != count($restricted_countries[$level->id]))
$text = $text. ", ";
return $text;
add_filter("pmpro_level_expiration_text", "my_pmpro_level_expiration_text", 10, 2);
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