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Created November 6, 2016 12:43
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A sample member dashboard for sites running PMPro and WP Courseware
[memberlite_banner background="#EFEFEF"]
[row][col medium="12"]
[col_col medium="8"]
<span class="text-3x">Course Overview</span>
[wpcourse course="1"]
[/col_col][col_col medium="4"]
<span class="text-3x">Course Progress</span>
[wpcourse_progress courses="1" user_progress="true" user_grade="true" /]
[col medium="4"][pmpro_account section="profile"][/col]
[col medium="4"][pmpro_account sections="membership"][/col]
[col medium="4"][pmpro_account sections="invoices"][/col]
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