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Change the level cost text of a PMPro level for an A/B test.
Set a cookie when users enter a specific page.
(You would setup Google Experiments or your A/B testing software
to send 50% of visitors to this page.)
function my_wp_set_cookie_for_ab_test() {
if(is_page('pricing-2')) {
setcookie('ab_test_group_2', 1, 0, COOKIEPATH, COOKIE_DOMAIN, false);
add_action('wp', 'my_wp_set_cookie_for_ab_test');
Now change the price shown if the ab_test_group_2 cookie is set.
Note that this only changes the price when displayed. It will not
adjust the actual price charged. For that, use the pmpro_checkout_level filter.
function my_pmpro_level_cost_text_for_ab_test($cost, $level) {
global $pmpro_currency_symbol, $pmpro_pages;
//no cookie, we don't need to change anything
if(empty($_COOKIE) || !isset($_COOKIE['ab_test_group_2']))
return $cost;
//check for a specific level
if($level->id == 1) {
//if on the checkout page, act like the lower (real) price is a discount
//note that this assumes the currency symbol is on the left like USD
//and would need to be adjusted for your prices
if(is_page($pmpro_pages['checkout'])) {
$cost = str_replace($pmpro_currency_symbol . '100.00',
'<span class="text-formatting: strike;">' . $pmpro_currency_symbol . '200.00' . '</span> ' . $pmpro_currency_symbol . '100.00',
} else {
//otherwise increase the price to 200 from 100
$cost = str_replace('100', '200', $cost);
return $cost;
add_filter('pmpro_level_cost_text', 'my_pmpro_level_cost_text_for_ab_test');
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