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Link Paid Memberships Pro discount codes to affiliate accounts from another plugin/service.
Link discount codes to affiliates.
//this is the parameter we're looking for to find affiliates... based on which plugin/etc you are using
define('PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY', 'wpam_id'); //Affiliates Manager Plugin
//define('PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY', 'pa'); //WordPress Lightweight Affiliates
//define('PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY', 'ref'); //AffiliateWP
//helper function to get the values from options and make sure they are an array
function pmpro_ld2aff_getOptions() {
$d2a = get_option('pmpro_ldc2aff', array());
$d2a = array();
return $d2a;
//helper function to add a discount code/affiliate pair
function pmpro_ldc2aff_updateCode($code_id, $affiliate) {
$d2a = pmpro_ld2aff_getOptions();
if(empty($affiliate) && !empty($d2a[$code_id])) {
update_option('pmpro_ldc2aff', $d2a, 'no');
} elseif(!empty($affiliate)) {
$d2a[$code_id] = $affiliate;
update_option('pmpro_ldc2aff', $d2a, 'no');
//helper to get a discount code from an affiliate
function pmpro_ldc2aff_getCodeByAffiliate($affiliate) {
$d2a = pmpro_ld2aff_getOptions();
return array_search($affiliate, $d2a);
//helper get an affiliate id from a discount code
function pmpro_ldc2aff_getAffiliateByCode($code_id) {
$d2a = pmpro_ld2aff_getOptions();
return $d2a[$code_id];
return "";
//on init we try to sync the affiliate id and discount code
function pmpro_ldc2aff_init() {
global $wpdb;
//if this isn't set, we can't work
//make sure PMPro is active
//might want to check if a specific affiliate plugin is also running
//affiliate id? set discount code
if(!empty($_REQUEST[PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY])) {
//bail if another discount code is already set
//otherwise, let's figure out the code to use
$affiliate = sanitize_text_field($_REQUEST[PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY]);
$code_id = pmpro_ldc2aff_getCodeByAffiliate($affiliate);
if(!empty($code_id)) {
$code = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT `code` FROM $wpdb->pmpro_discount_codes WHERE id ='" . intval($code_id) . "' LIMIT 1");
$_REQUEST['discount_code'] = $code;
$_GET['discount_code'] = $code;
$_POST['discount_code'] = $code;
//discount code? set affiliate id
if(!empty($_REQUEST['discount_code'])) {
$code = sanitize_text_field($_REQUEST['discount_code']);
$code_id = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT id FROM $wpdb->pmpro_discount_codes WHERE `code` = '" . esc_sql($code) . "' LIMIT 1");
if(!empty($code_id)) {
$affiliate = pmpro_ldc2aff_getAffiliateByCode($code_id);
$_REQUEST[PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY] = $affiliate;
$_GET[PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY] = $affiliate;
$_POST[PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY] = $affiliate;
add_action('init', 'pmpro_ldc2aff_init', 1);
//show options on discont code page
function pmpro_ldc2aff_pmpro_discount_code_after_settings($code_id) {
$affiliate = pmpro_ldc2aff_getAffiliateByCode($code_id);
<hr />
<p>Link this discount code to an affiliate. Currently monitoring the '<?php echo PMPRO_LDC2AFF_KEY;?>' parameter. When the affiliate ID is set, this discount code will be defaulted to be used at checkout, and when a discount code is used the affiliate ID will be set.</p>
<p><label for="pmpro_ldc2aff_affiliate">Affiliate ID:</label><input type="text" id="pmpro_ldc2aff_affiliate" name="pmpro_ldc2aff_affiliate" value="<?php echo esc_attr($affiliate);?>" /></p>
<hr />
add_action('pmpro_discount_code_after_settings', 'pmpro_ldc2aff_pmpro_discount_code_after_settings');
//save options when code is updated
function pmpro_ldc2aff_pmpro_save_discount_code($code_id) {
if($code_id < 1)
$affiliate = sanitize_text_field($_REQUEST['pmpro_ldc2aff_affiliate']);
pmpro_ldc2aff_updateCode($code_id, $affiliate);
add_action('pmpro_save_discount_code', 'pmpro_ldc2aff_pmpro_save_discount_code');
//delete options when code is deleted
function pmpro_ldc2aff_pmpro_delete_discount_code($code_id) {
if($code_id < 1)
pmpro_ldc2aff_updateCode($code_id, false);
add_action('pmpro_delete_discount_code', 'pmpro_ldc2aff_pmpro_delete_discount_code');

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@ideadude ideadude commented May 1, 2018

Forked here with some fixes:

FYI when we turned our Stranger Studios GitHub account into an "organization", I lost the ability to edit these old gists.

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