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How to do MailChimp MERGE field with ADDRESS type
//Address merge types must be handled in a very specific format
function my_pmpro_mailchimp_listsubscribe_fields($fields, $user)
$user_info = get_userdata($user->ID);
$new_fields = array(
"FNAME" => $user->first_name,
"EMAIL" => $user->email,
"LNAME" => $user->last_name,
"ADDRESS" => array( 'addr1' => $user_info->pmpro_baddress1,
'addr2' => $user_info->pmpro_baddress2,
'city' => $user_info->pmpro_bcity,
'state' => $user_info->pmpro_bstate,
'zip' => $user_info->pmpro_bzipcode,
'country' => $user_info->pmpro_bcountry)
$fields = array_merge($fields, $new_fields);
return $fields;
add_action('pmpro_mailchimp_listsubscribe_fields', 'my_pmpro_mailchimp_listsubscribe_fields', 10, 2);
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kimcoleman commented Jan 4, 2021

Please also note that if the fields you are sending are new merge fields, they must first be created in Mailchimp.

You can do this manually through the Mailchimp dashboard or use the pmpro_mailchimp_merge_fields filter to create them through the API like the example recipe here:

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laurenhagan0306 commented Apr 13, 2021

This recipe is included in the blog post on "Send a Member’s Address Fields to Mailchimp" at Paid Memberships Pro here:

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