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strarsis / iframe-content.html
Created Jul 28, 2021
Disappearing element with perspective/transform: perspective issue (Chrome) (iframe content)
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
/* Pannellum hotspot element */
.hotspot {
width: 24px;
height: 24px;
background: red;
transform: translate(100px, 150px) translateZ(9999px);
strarsis /
Last active Jul 13, 2021
Windows 10 WiFi disconnection after about a minute (disabled PMKID)

If the WiFi connection disconnects after about a minute (or less) on Windows 10, one reason can be disabled PMKID. This WiFi feature can be disabled to improve security (as it can be exploited in some WiFi attacks in some specific scenarios), but it can also cause issues with some clients.

In this case a HP 250 G7 notebook disconnected after about or less than a minute from a Mikrotik RouterBOARD mAP 2n. The Disable PMKID feature was enabled in the security profile used by the wireless interface in question and disabling it fixed the issue immediately.

Note: (Wireless (sidebar) → Security Profile (tab) → open the used security profile (default) → disable the Disable PMKID checkbox at the bottom → OK)

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Lied verfügbar auf YouTube:
1. Strophe: Auf silbernen Pferdchen
reiten die Träume so leis' wie der Wind
durch die Nacht.
Die Engelein haben Zügel und Zäune aus all deinen Wünschen gemacht.
strarsis / file.yml
Created Jun 5, 2021
ansible variable interpolation issue
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vault_redis_password: "some-password"
# Redis password used on all sites
redis_password: "{{ vault_redis_password }}"
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Last active Jun 20, 2021
Object caching with Bedrock (and Trellis) using Redis

Object caching with Bedrock (and Trellis) using Redis

What is object caching

While nginx microcaching already solves page caching (as of static, rarely changing WordPress pages), the performance for dynamically generated pages (like WooCommerce shop pages and admin backend in general) can benefit greatly from additionally using an object cache. Object caching allows an application (in this case WordPress with its plugins, theme, etc.) to store prepared objects (mostly database queries) in a database and quickly retrieve them, therefore improving the performance of dynamic page generation. Object caching is (usually) transparent, which means that it shouldn't be noticeable by users and developers (except for the performance improvements of course).


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Note: There is a new library as successor to TCPDF, but not everyone already uses it or migrated to it.
Clone the TCPD repository (
Invoke the PHP command line script `./tools/tcpdf_addfont.php` to convert fonts.
strarsis /
Last active Jan 24, 2021
Realtek Gigabyte mainboard HD Audio driver (missing/unailable Realtek HD Audio manager on Windows 10)


The Realtek HD Audio manager isn't available on a recent (end 2020) Windows 10 system. The Realtek Audio chipset is on a Gigabyte mainboard.


  1. Install the Realtek HD Audio driver from Gigabyte, not from official Realtek site. Note: There is no universal Realtek driver (yet), there is an unofficial one on GitHub though, but its installation requires multiple steps, system files/settings modifications, etc. Installation may require one or two subsequent reboots, first the setup uninstalls the existing/old/incorrect Realtek Audrio drivers, then reboots and the setup automatically starts itself (be patient!) after rebooting and logging in to install the new driver.
strarsis / max_width_email.html
Created Sep 25, 2020 — forked from elidickinson/max_width_email.html
Email Template trick: max-width with outlook
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<!--[if mso]>
<table><tr><td width="580">
<div style="max-width:580px; margin:0 auto;">
<p>This text will be centered and constrained to 580 pixels even on Outlook which does not support max-width CSS</p>
<!--[if mso]>