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Laravel 5 pagination with grouping functions
// Build your query as usual, but don't use the paginate() method at the chain
// end.
$query = User::select([ 'users.*', DB::raw('count( as roles_count') ])
->join('user_roles', '', '=', 'roles.user_id')
->having('roles_count', '>', 0);
// Due a bug in Eloquent, we need to build the paginator manually.
// For more details refer to:
$sub = clone $query;
$total = DB::table(DB::raw(sprintf('(%s) as `sub`', $sub->toSql())))
$perPage = 20;
$page = Paginator::resolveCurrentPage(),
$list = new LengthAwarePaginator($query->get(), $total, $perPage, $page, [
'path' => route('user.index'),
// You may (optionally) add the current request parameters to the pagination
// links
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