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Category aware next attribute for a Jekyll post
module Jekyll
class CategoryAwareNextGenerator < Generator
safe true
priority :high
def generate(site)
site.categories.each_pair do |category_name, posts|
posts.sort! { |a, b| b <=> a }
posts.each do |post|
position = posts.index post
if position && position < posts.length - 1
category_next = posts[position + 1]
category_next = nil
end["#{category_name}_next"] = category_next unless category_next.nil?
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gerardbm commented Apr 15, 2020

Hi! Is it possible to adapt this code to follow the order of the posts (configured in the front-matter)?

I use this in the loop:

{%- assign sorted_posts = site.categories['category'] | sort: 'order' -%}

And this in the front-matter: sort: 57

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stravid commented Apr 15, 2020

I guess it is, you have to ask someone who is familiar with Jekyll. I haven't worked with it for almost 8 years, so I'm of no help.

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Oh, ok, thank you! Later I will try to implement it.

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