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David Strauß stravid

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View group_by_levenshtein.rb
emails = do |email|
grouping = emails
.group_by{|em| Levenshtein.distance(email, em) }
.select {|k,v| k < 5 && != 0 } # ignore exact matches and ones far off
if !grouping.empty?
[email, grouping]
0x263b /
Last active Jan 21, 2021
Random color from string in javascript

Random color from string in javascript

Consider a list of strings you need to permanently assign a random color.

First you should turn the string into a hash.

var string = "string"
var hash = 0
View bling.js
/* bling.js */
window.$ = document.querySelectorAll.bind(document);
Node.prototype.on = window.on = function (name, fn) {
this.addEventListener(name, fn);
NodeList.prototype.__proto__ = Array.prototype;
thbar / private_buckets_test.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Production sanity test to verify that S3 buckets remain private over time
View private_buckets_test.rb
def buckets
def test_buckets_subdomain_private
buckets.each do |bucket_name|
gshaw / carrier_wave.rb
Created Aug 14, 2014
CarrierWave initialization file for testing with fixtures and support S3 in staging and production.
View carrier_wave.rb
# NullStorage provider for CarrierWave for use in tests. Doesn't actually
# upload or store files but allows test to pass as if files were stored and
# the use of fixtures.
class NullStorage
attr_reader :uploader
def initialize(uploader)
@uploader = uploader
clemens / invoice.rb
Created Jul 24, 2014
invoice number generation per year
View invoice.rb
class Invoice < ActiveRecord::Base
before_validation :generate_number, on: :create
def generate_number
prefix = "R#{'%y')}-"
last_order_number_this_year = self.class.where("number LIKE ?", "#{prefix}%").order("number DESC").limit(1).pluck(:number).first
number = last_order_number_this_year ? last_order_number_this_year.match(/\A#{prefix}(\d+)\z/)[1].to_i : 0
searls / app.css
Created May 18, 2014
Handy trick for debugging to see which parts of your app are being re-rendering in the DOM (without keeping your eyes glued to web inspector)
View app.css
body * {
-webkit-animation: fade-in 2s ease-out;
animation: fade-in 2s ease-out;
View What is a Product Manager?
Somebody asked me how to become a Product Manager. Here's what I wrote them.
Hi Jon,
Those are a lot of questions. Let me try to simplify it.
I think a Product Manager is a person who is responsible for determining
what a product should be and how it should evolve. This is a design role
View gist:7463148
div.description a.autolink
display: inline-block;
max-width: 250px;
text-overflow: ellipsis;
overflow: hidden;
maxhoffmann / gist:7373563
Last active Dec 27, 2015
run local php server and open browser
View gist:7373563
# local PHP Server
server() {
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
php -S $url & # run server in background
php -S $url -t $1 &
sleep 0.3s # wait for server to start