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Attaching to fast loading JNI/native code from an Android app without debugging the Dalvik code
The original issue was that some applications (ex. packers) launch the JNI/native code too fast for a person
to attach an IDA Pro instance to the process. The original solution was wrapping the jni code with your own
"surrogate" application so you could load it slower.
New process is to launch the Android/Dalvik activity with the debugger flag;
# adb shell am start -D
Which will cause the "Waiting for debugger..." mode to start. This starts the process, allowing you to
attach IDA Pro to the process for the native code.
Next attach forward the jdwp process to a tcp socket so you can connect;
# adb jdwp
This process returns all available jdwp processes, the last one should be your new pid you want to debug
(you could check this through top/ps)
# adb forward tcp:8700 jdwp:3292
After you've forwarded the port to the jdwp process, you can connect on your machine via jdb;
# jdb -attach localhost:8700
Drop the jdb conneciton and let the Android application run as it normal would.
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