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Last active March 2, 2022 17:57
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Homebrew Package Update Notifications on Mountain Lion
# Notify of Homebrew updates via Notification Center on Mac OS X
# Author: Chris Streeter
# Requires: terminal-notifier. Install with:
# gem install terminal-notifier
TERMINAL_NOTIFIER=`which terminal-notifier`
$BREW_EXEC update 2>&1 > /dev/null
outdated=`$BREW_EXEC outdated | tr ' ' '\n'`
if [ -z "$outdated" ] ; then
if [ -e $TERMINAL_NOTIFIER ]; then
# No updates available
-title "No Homebrew Updates Available" \
-message "No updates available yet for any homebrew packages."
# We've got an outdated formula or two
# Nofity via Notification Center
if [ -e $TERMINAL_NOTIFIER ]; then
lc=$((`echo "$outdated" | wc -l`))
outdated=`echo "$outdated" | tail -$lc`
message=`echo "$outdated" | head -5`
if [ "$outdated" != "$message" ]; then
message="Some of the outdated formulae are:
message="The following formulae are outdated:
# Send to the Nofication Center
-title "Homebrew Update(s) Available" -message "$message"
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I've extended the script to exclude pinned formulae in the list of outdated formulas:

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todmephis commented Jul 27, 2018

Added some new features on my forked version. macOS High Sierra

Thanks @streeter. Great script.

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