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Using python:

  • Find 4096 divided by 4.

  • Write a program that

    • takes a number from the command line and divides it by 4.
    • solves a thing called "FizzBuzz" up to the number 20. (hint: to get the remainder of a division, you need a thing called the modulo operator)
    • takes a number and runs through the steps of the Collatz conjecture.
    • takes a number, or numbers, and applies a formula that's actually useful to them. (if you're stuck for ideas, the quadratic formula could be interesting)
    • takes a list of numbers and adds them together. (hint: first use a for loop, then look at map from
    • takes a list of names and outputs something like Hello Ted, John, Alice, and Jane!.
    • opens a file and outputs it to the console. (hint:
    • opens a file, the name of which is given as a command line argument, and outputs it to the console.
    • opens a file, reverses the text within it, and outputs it to the console.
    • opens a file, reverses the text within it, and saves it.
    • opens a file, counts the number of times each character appears, and outputs those counts to the console. (hint:
  • Write an HTML page with a heading and some text (hint: you can open a HTML file in a browser)

    • Make the heading red (hint: <element style="color: ...;"></element>
    • Change the page so the text is in one column (hint: google css width)
    • Add a title (hint: google html title tag)
  • Write a program that

  • Follow a tutorial on how git works, at least as far as learning what git init, git add, git checkout, git status, and git commit do.

  • Write a web server that

    • returns "Hello World". (hint: use, and use port 8080 or another port in the thousands)

      • using your git knowledge, initialise a repository then commit your progress thus far.
    • returns "You've visited this page X times", where X is a number that goes up by 1 each time.

      • commit after this, and each additional step.
    • returns the previous thing, but reads and saves the number from a file, so the number is the same if the serve is restarted.

    • returns the HTML file you created earlier.

    • returns "You've visited X times" but written in HTML.

    • returns a page with a form containing two texts inputs and a submit button on it.

      • change it so that you can submit that form, then receive the two numbers multiplied together.
  • Sign up for Heroku (it's free), and follow a tutorial on deploying something written in python.

    • Follow a tutorial on deploying Flask to Heroku.
    • With reference to the previous two steps, deploy your Flask server to Heroku.
  • Using python on a raspberry pi, blink an LED on and off.

    • Write a web server with two routes, /on and /off, that turns the LED on and off when you go to each.
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