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strickinato /
Created Dec 12, 2019 for the quilt prototype board
import time
import board
import neopixel
import terminalio
import random
from adafruit_display_text import label
from adafruit_pybadger import PyBadger
pybadger = PyBadger()
strickinato / server.rb
Created Jul 31, 2018
A basic http server key/value store
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require 'socket'
# Wrapper for a key / value store that acts as our database
class DataStore
def initialize
@store = {}
def set(key, value)
@store[key] = value
strickinato / chapter_2.el
Last active Jun 23, 2016
purely functional data structures chapter 2.1 and chapter 2.2
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;; Put the cursor over progn and hit C-M-x
(defun exersize_2_1 ()
(defun suffixes (list)
(if (not list)
(cons list (suffixes (cdr list)))
(defun printer (list)
strickinato / elm-nyc-post-to-upper.elm
Last active Jun 10, 2016
Written for Elm Meetup NYC June 9, 2016
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import Html.App as Html
import Html exposing (..)
import Html.Events exposing (onInput)
import Html.Attributes exposing (..)
import Json.Decode exposing ((:=), Decoder)
import Json.Encode
import Task
import Http exposing (Error(..))
main =
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Show full path in finder windows:
defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES
Add ability to quite finder:
defaults write QuitMenuItem -bool YES
strickinato / premium_application_bookmarklet.js
Last active Aug 21, 2018
Premium Application Bookmarklet
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