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Last active May 19, 2017
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ensime ctags config for spacemacs
;; ensime - etags-select (see:
;; and for .ctags config
(defun ensime-edit-definition-with-fallback ()
"Variant of `ensime-edit-definition' with ctags if ENSIME is not available."
(unless (and (ensime-connection-or-nil)
(ensime-edit-definition nil))
(defun ensime-settings ()
(bind-key "M-." 'ensime-edit-definition-with-fallback ensime-mode-map)
(bind-key "<s-mouse-1>" 'ensime-edit-definition-with-fallback ensime-mode-map))
(add-hook 'ensime-mode-hook 'ensime-settings)
;; ctags for non ensime modes
(global-set-key (kbd "M-.") 'projectile-find-tag)
(global-set-key (kbd "M-,") 'pop-tag-mark)
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