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Last active January 25, 2021 13:21
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Lutris CLA

In order to contribute to Lutris, you have to agree with the terms of this document.

This Contributor License Agreement is not a typical one and doesn't cover legislative aspects of the project. This CLA is intented to keep the project running smoothly and staying in focus with our goals.

Lutris is a large project run by a small team. Contributions that don't follow certain rules can slow down development and cause major breakages. The code base has accumutated some technical debt over the years and it is extremely important not to add any.

By sending a patch to the lutris repository, you agree to the following rules:

  • No breakage of any of our oldest supported distributions. This means no introduction of unsupported Gtk or Python features.
  • The code should pass automatic QA tests. Docstrings for all newly created functions, methods and modules must be provided.
  • Patches should fix an issue marked for the next release of Lutris. If you believe an issue should be re-prioritized so you can start working on it, discuss it with a project maintainer first. Do not try to sneak in unplanned features in a big patch.
  • Patches should be as small as possible and fix only one thing at a time.

In case you do not agree with those terms and your patch does not meet those requirements, please close your pull request.

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