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Last active Apr 24, 2019

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Wire (see note below)

username: @sschlinkert

key fingerprint (iPhone):

aa 80 a4 d2 f3 8b 63 ff ea ff 16 86 bf 6d 29 06 
ad 39 bb 3e 11 7d 0a 56 e6 44 77 08 5a 80 b6 bb

Signal: on request

Ricochet IM:


PGP (Not Recommended)

Public key on MIT server

fingerprint: EF45 36E5 6440 EF4D 5D31 E82A 5BF6 E5C2 B805 00F2


Cwtch is an experimental encrypted messaging app I'm trying out. Do NOT use this if you're sending me sensitive information. Here's the Alpha release announcement and how I installed it.


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