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Last active Jun 4, 2021
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How to contact me in a relatively secure manner

Here are some moderately secure methods for contacting me. Wire is probably the best method for messaging me right now.

Easiest methods

OnionShare is a great option for both chatting and sending files.

My Wire username is @sschlinkert and my Wire key fingerprint (iPhone):

02 2d 21 74 d5 16 21 3e f9 3d 3e 14 5c 59 8b 84
9b d6 eb f3 2a 77 19 6d 10 09 62 c5 86 27 b9 b0

Note: When using Wire, metadata — the fact that we communicated — is not encrypted. Here are instructions on how to stay more anonymous when using Wire.)

I can provide a Signal phone number on request.

A bit more esoteric

age is a modern alternative to PGP for encrypting files and text. Currently it requires users to use the command line. My age public key is age180d9ut0ff3zzkq6umq588p7zlqqetuf8nhxxfhsysmg4hjyt55lsjraysp

PGP isn't a method I love using, as it's complicated and error-prone, but I'm familiar enough with it to use it if you strongly prefer that.

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