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Last active Oct 17, 2018

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Wire (see note below)

username: @sschlinkert

key fingerprint (laptop):

ec 7b 81 1e a0 0b 7a bd 02 ed 63 6b 7f cf ff 06
19 98 ac 02 a8 0e bc 09 ee 4f 60 6f b8 73 a1 f1

key fingerprint (iPhone):

aa 80 a4 d2 f3 8b 63 ff ea ff 16 86 bf 6d 29 06 
ad 39 bb 3e 11 7d 0a 56 e6 44 77 08 5a 80 b6 bb

Signal: on request

Ricochet IM:


PGP (Not Recommended)

Public key on MIT server

fingerprint: EF45 36E5 6440 EF4D 5D31 E82A 5BF6 E5C2 B805 00F2

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