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Remove resubscribe button for WC Subscriptions
* Remove the "Change Payment Method" button from the My Subscriptions table.
* This isn't actually necessary because @see eg_subscription_payment_method_cannot_be_changed()
* will prevent the button being displayed, however, it is included here as an example of how to
* remove just the button but allow the change payment method process.
function eg_remove_my_subscriptions_button( $actions, $subscription ) {
foreach ( $actions as $action_key => $action ) {
switch ( $action_key ) {
case 'resubscribe': // Hide "Resubscribe" button from an expired or cancelled subscription?
unset( $actions[ $action_key ] );
error_log( '-- $action = ' . print_r( $action, true ) );
return $actions;
add_filter( 'wcs_view_subscription_actions', 'eg_remove_my_subscriptions_button', 100, 2 );
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