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Stuart Halloway stuarthalloway

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(defn round5
"Round to the closest positive multiple of 5.
Negative numbers round to 0, which is not
considered a multiple of 5."
{:test (fn [] (let [roundsto (fn [e] #(= e (round5 %)))]
(testing "Negative numbers"
(is (every? (roundsto 0) (range -20 0))))
(testing "Positive numbers rounding to 5"
(is (every? (roundsto 5) (range 0 8))))
(testing "Positive numbers rounding not to 5"
stuarthalloway / atomic_state_update.clj
Last active Nov 25, 2017
Update state with a pure function
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;; fixed version of 'state' at
;; takeaway: if you call 'swap!' twice on the same atom, you are probably making a mistake
(def user {:name "Jackie Brown"
:balance 0
:subscription? false})
(def ^:const SUBSCRIPTION_COST 30)
(defn pay
stuarthalloway / missing_keys_specs.clj
Created Oct 14, 2017
I think it would be a mistake to introduce temporal coupling to prevent typos.
View missing_keys_specs.clj
;; I think it would be a mistake to introduce temporal coupling to prevent typos.
;; The example program below lets you identify "missing" keys specs at
;; the time and place of your choosing, and then handle them as you
;; deem appropriate, without imposing those decisions on other
;; users of spec.
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
'[clojure.set :as set])
View using_reset!.clj
;; fix for code shown at
(def recieved-slack-vars (atom {}))
;; unnecessarily complex
(defn return-second-arg [arg1 arg2]
(defn set-recieved-slack-vars
(swap! recieved-slack-vars return-second-arg newval))
(set-recieved-slack-vars {:botname "Test"})
View FizzBuzz.clj
;; try this form-by-form at a REPL
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
;; create an inline DSL to describe the FizzBuzz world
(defmacro divides-by
[nm n]
`(s/def ~nm (s/and pos-int? #(zero? (mod % ~n)))))
;; specify FizzBuzz
(divides-by ::fizz 3)
View FizzBuzzTestSuite.edn
(1 2 "Fizz" 4 "Buzz" "Fizz" 7 8 "Fizz" "Buzz" 11 "Fizz" 13 14 "FizzBuzz" 16 17 "Fizz" 19 "Buzz" "Fizz" 22 23 "Fizz" "Buzz" 26 "Fizz" 28 29 "FizzBuzz" 31 32 "Fizz" 34 "Buzz" "Fizz" 37 38 "Fizz" "Buzz" 41 "Fizz" 43 44 "FizzBuzz" 46 47 "Fizz" 49 "Buzz" "Fizz" 52 53 "Fizz" "Buzz" 56 "Fizz" 58 59 "FizzBuzz" 61 62 "Fizz" 64 "Buzz" "Fizz" 67 68 "Fizz" "Buzz" 71 "Fizz" 73 74 "FizzBuzz" 76 77 "Fizz" 79 "Buzz" "Fizz" 82 83 "Fizz" "Buzz" 86 "Fizz" 88 89 "FizzBuzz" 91 92 "Fizz" 94 "Buzz" "Fizz" 97 98 "Fizz" "Buzz")
View specing_oddly_shaped_data.clj
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
(s/def ::coord nat-int?)
(s/def ::x ::coord)
(s/def ::y ::coord)
(s/def ::xy (s/keys :req-un [::x ::y]))
(s/def ::point (s/map-of #{:point} ::xy))
(s/def ::username (s/and string? seq))
(s/def ::user (s/map-of #{:user} ::username))
stuarthalloway / java_tx_fn_in_clojure.clj
Created Jun 16, 2017
Java Transaction Function in Clojure
View java_tx_fn_in_clojure.clj
(require '[datomic.api :as d])
(def uri "datomic:mem://foo")
(d/create-database uri)
(def conn (d/connect uri))
(def schema [{:db/ident :foo
:db/fn #db/fn
{:lang "java"
:params [db a b c]
:code "return a;"}}])
View clj-xchart-examples.clj
(def argses (->> (s/exercise ::cs/xy-chart-args 10 ex/generators)
(mapv first)))