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View renames_spec.clj
;; see also
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
;; spec that ensures the keys in renames match the keys in map
(s/def ::rename-keys-args
(s/and (s/cat :map map? :renames map?)
(fn [{:keys [map renames]}]
(every? map (keys renames)))))
;; ok
stuarthalloway / example.clj
Created Feb 8, 2019
What Clojure errors look like
View example.clj
(let [a 1 b])
Syntax error macroexpanding clojure.core/let at (REPL:5:1).
[a 1 b] - failed: even-number-of-forms? at: [:bindings] spec: :clojure.core.specs.alpha/bindings
stuarthalloway / specs_over_tests.clj
Created Oct 13, 2018
Capture domain knowledge once in specs, instead of burying it in tests
View specs_over_tests.clj
;; compare to
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
;; general domain knowledge, not buried in a test
(s/def ::info (s/keys :req-un [::name]))
(s/def ::items (s/coll-of pos-int?))
(s/def ::active boolean?)
;; knowledge specific to this test data
View expression_at_at_time.clj
(ns foo)
(defn hello [x] (str "Hi " x))
(ns bar)
(println (foo/hello "there"))
(remove-ns 'foo)
(println (resolve 'foo/hello))
stuarthalloway / clj_2373_examples.clj
Last active Aug 22, 2018
Intended for form-at-a-time at the REPL
View clj_2373_examples.clj
'[clojure.main :as main]
'[clojure.pprint :as pp])
(def strings
"Some strings that should fail somewhere in read/compile"
"(let [x])"
"(cond 1)"
"defmulti 5 class)"
View fizzbuzz.clj
(->> [(cycle [:fizz :_ :_])
(cycle [:buzz :_ :_ :_ :_])]
(apply map vector)
(take 25))
View clj_2373_take_1.clj
(comment "interop runtime exception repl-caught")
(/ 1 0)
ArithmeticException Divide by zero clojure.lang.Numbers.divide (
(comment "interop runtime exception pst")
ArithmeticException Divide by zero
clojure.lang.Numbers.divide (
clojure.lang.Numbers.divide (
;; elided
View inline_testing.clj
(defn round5
"Round to the closest positive multiple of 5.
Negative numbers round to 0, which is not
considered a multiple of 5."
{:test (fn [] (let [roundsto (fn [e] #(= e (round5 %)))]
(testing "Negative numbers"
(is (every? (roundsto 0) (range -20 0))))
(testing "Positive numbers rounding to 5"
(is (every? (roundsto 5) (range 0 8))))
(testing "Positive numbers rounding not to 5"
stuarthalloway / atomic_state_update.clj
Last active Nov 25, 2017
Update state with a pure function
View atomic_state_update.clj
;; fixed version of 'state' at
;; takeaway: if you call 'swap!' twice on the same atom, you are probably making a mistake
(def user {:name "Jackie Brown"
:balance 0
:subscription? false})
(def ^:const SUBSCRIPTION_COST 30)
(defn pay
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