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function OutputStatus($message){
try {
Write-Host $message.PadRight([Console]::BufferWidth)
catch [System.IO.IOException] {
## IO Exception when unable to set position
$messages = @()
OutputStatus "Loading posh-git"
# Load posh-git example profile
if(Test-Path Function:\Prompt) {Rename-Item Function:\Prompt PrePoshGitPrompt -Force}
. 'C:\tools\poshgit\dahlbyk-posh-git-7acc70b\profile.example.ps1'
Rename-Item Function:\Prompt PoshGitPrompt -Force
function Prompt() {if(Test-Path Function:\PrePoshGitPrompt){++$global:poshScope; New-Item function:\script:Write-host -value "param([object] `$object, `$backgroundColor, `$foregroundColor, [switch] `$nonewline) " -Force | Out-Null;$private:p = PrePoshGitPrompt; if(--$global:poshScope -eq 0) {Remove-Item function:\Write-Host -Force}}PoshGitPrompt}
OutputStatus "Loading Show-Ast"
Import-Module C:\source\_libsetc\ShowPSAst\Show-Ast.psm1
OutputStatus "Loading posh-HumpCompletion"
Import-Module posh-HumpCompletion
OutputStatus "Loading posh-docker"
Import-Module posh-docker
OutputStatus "Done"
Write-Host $messages
Write-Host ""
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